What is a Mindful Cannabis Guide?

A Mindful Cannabis Guide is like a tour-guide to the world of cannabis. Unlike a medical doctor, who can help you treat specific conditions with cannabis, Mindful Cannabis Guides help you navigate the many options and choices that come up with cannabis use. From strain selection, to deciding on a method of intake, to learning basic cannabis skills like how to use a vaporizer, or where to find cannabis in your area, our Guides are trained to answer your questions and pass on a variety of tools and resources.

Unsatisfied with your current cannabis regimen? Our Mindful Cannabis Guides can help.

Are Mindful Cannabis Guides Medical Doctors?

No. Our Guides are not MD’s and do not offer medical advice. Only a medical doctor can recommend the use of Cannabis for your condition. Unfortunately they are often unable to give specific recommendations on what kind of cannabis to choose. Our Guides help you to navigate this variety with simple tools to cut through the variables and quickly hone in on the products that will bring your desired effects.

Consistently positive cannabis experiences are within your reach!