What is a Cannabis Patient Consultant?

Cannabis Patient Consultants are experienced cannabis patients who are trained to pass on a variety of tools, resources and research methods designed specifically to help cannabis users save time and money, and achieve consistently positive cannabis experiences. There are a lot of options when it comes to using Cannabis, and everyone reacts differently. So, choosing a product that will help you achieve your desired effects without negative side effects, can be difficult. Many users are left wondering where to even begin. That's where we come in.

From customized Wellness Plans that are designed around achieving your desired effects, to budgeting tools to help bring down the amount of money you're spending each month, to specialized research tools for honing in the right methods, strains, chemical compounds, terpenes, dosage and more. Our clients usually don’t need every tool in the kit, because everyone’s needs are different. But with our customizable curriculum, we work with clients to teach them the skills and methods most relevant to their situation.

Are Cannabis Patient Consultants Medical Doctors?

No. Patient consultants are not medical doctors and do not give medical advice, or recommendations for cannabis. Only a medical doctor can recommend the use of Cannabis for your condition. Unfortunately they are often unable to give specific recommendations on what kind of cannabis to choose. This is left to the patient’s judgment. Patient consultants help you to navigate this variety with simple tools to cut through the variables and quickly hone in on the products that will bring your desired effects.

Consistently positive cannabis experiences are within your reach!